Under the current global economic environment the perception on the quality of the product or service of a company may just be the pure definition of the company’s ability to sustain its business, outperform its competitors, and grow its market. Most definitions on corporate quality focus on intangible factors as the continuous ability to improve its products and services, achieving its purpose, and perform to its shareholders.

How can a company achieve its intangible objectives through tangible and concrete measures?

A lot of company resources are spent on the company’s first point of contact with its customers. Anyway, this external approach needs to be sustaint by a strong internal environment. The best solution is to put in place a Quality Management System and ISO standard 9001:2015 is current the best approach to do it.

  • How does ISO 9001:2015 interact with the corporate context?
  • How can your company’s view on risk affect its growth?
  • Is the design of processes crucial for an effective QMS implementation?

Find the answers in our Point-of-View-Paper.

 By Michele  Terzaghi and Flávio Ramos