Strengthen your position.

We are experts in delivering Enterprise Performance Management solutions: helping Chief Financial Officers plan, budget, consolidate, integrate accounting data sources, report and achieve international financial reporting standards compliance.

Above all, we employ great consultants, experts in your field and who apply our best practices. For you, it means speaking to a privileged partner who understands the challenges faced by your office of the CFO and is able to propose solutions.

We partner with the leading software editors of Enterprise Performance Management solutions on the market:  SAP, Nakisa and Unit4 Prevero. Their thousands of happy customers – some common to Paluma – and our deep knowledge of their Enterprise Performance Management solutions mean for you the guarantee of the safest and best solution fitting your needs.

We have created privileged relationships with other prominent consulting firms or academic bodies. Together we are able to deliver additional services such as Strategic Planning, Beyond Budgeting approaches and group accounting solutions in line with the latest interpretations for your industry.

Hierarchy-based information creates security.

Financial figures can only be used effectively by companies when they are evaluated and presented in a needs-based way. At Paluma, we filter information and data based on target groups and projects. This allows us to achieve an optimal summary of all relevant data for the participating stakeholders. This makes it easier for you to maintain an overview and offers you additional security during your own analyses.

Added value for CFOs and companies.

Our vision: We are recognized as leading experts for state of the art Enterprise Performance Management solutions to CFO offices.

Our mission: is to empower CFO offices to turn the complexity of their Enterprise Performance Business into easy to handle solutions provided by experts. Our professional set-up aligned along areas of expertise and the top quality of our international workforce allow us to deliver state of the art services in our EPM core business CFO solutions and supplementary services such as Management Consulting, Regulatory Services and Technology Support.


As Swiss owned private company, led by a management based on a partnership model we live our guiding principles of high quality standards, absolute reliability and accountability and trusted relationships with our clients.